Inlaid Turquoise Fruit/Sweets Pedestal Dish

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Persian Inlaid turquoise Fruit/Sweets Pedestal Dish is one of the most beautiful and traditional Iranian artworks which you can employ it as operative bowl or decorative usages. It could be also as a beautiful wealthy gift for your dears. 

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WidthT, S, M, L: 11,14, 19, 21 cm
WeightT, S, M, L: 375, 550, 1045, 1465 grams
CompositionsCopper, Turquoise
StylesTurquoise Inlaying
PropertiesHigh quality Nishapur turquoise, Hand made
UsageOperative usage, Decoration, Luxury Gift

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Persian Inlaid turquoise handicrafts is one of the most beautiful and traditional Iranian artworks. Turquoise Inlaying (Firoozeh Koobi) could be applied on jewelery and handicrafts. the first step is making and preaparation of base shaped metal from Copper, Gold, Silver, Brass, Nickel or Bronze by metal working. After that turquoise stones are setting on some parts of the base metal in mosaic fashion form and doing some finishing procedure on the surface, concluding a special style and glamour. 

Skillful workman are doing all the procedures of metalworking, turquoise inlaying and finishing by hand. 

Most of the Persian turquoise mines are found in Neyshabur (Nishapur), located in the northeastern of Iran, and dates back to 4,000 BCE. These mines are believed as the world's oldest known turquoise mines with best quality, which supplied the stone to Europe, Western Asia and America.

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